The UK Evaluation Society

A professional membership organisation that exists to promote and improve the theory, practice, understanding and utilisation of evaluation and its contribution to public knowledge.

Founded in 1994 we currently have diverse membership comprising evaluation professionals, practitioners and evaluation commissioners from national and local government, the research community, independent consultancies and the voluntary sector.

Members represent a range of inquiry fields including social science, economic development, education, science and technology, health care management and policy.

The Society builds bridges between the various groups and between the different evaluation communities providing a forum to consider differences and similarities in the problems they face, for example:

  • Intellectual, ethical and professional standards, principles and practices
  • The theory, practice, utilisation and methods of evaluation
  • Education, training and professional development
  • The need to represent the interests of those concerned with evaluation to government and other bodies in the UK and elsewhere.

The UKES is a member of the Academy of Social Sciences and has developed broad links with the international community - particularly the European Evaluation Society and International Organisation for Cooperation on Evaluation.


Colin Jacobs, UKES President, talks about the Society at 2013 annual evaluation conference.


Individual Membership

Individual UKES membership is open to anyone with an interest in the theory, practice or use of evaluation.

The annual UKES membership rates in 2013 are:

£70.00 + VAT = £84.00

£35.00 + VAT = £42.00


£400.00 + VAT = £480.00

Membership entitles you to a reduced fee at UKES seminars, training events and the Annual Conference and receipt of the UKES Newsletter the evaluator and regular e-bulletin updates.