The UK Evaluation Society is committed to encouraging and supporting the growth and development of national/regional evaluation networks in the UK for a number of reasons:
  • As a potential way of increasing the UKES membership base
  • As an effective way of delivering a year-round programme of regional workshops, seminars and training events
  • As a way of engaging and involving its members and other evaluators in defining and meeting their needs and exchanging information about regional evaluation opportunities
Networks exist in Wales, the North West, the North East, the Midlands, London and the South West. Each of the networks has a key contact person with whom the UKES Council can liaise and a core group of members who are active in organising network activities and communications.


  • Midlands Network Coordinator
  • Jayne Francis, Senior Social Research Consultant at M E L Research, is the coordinator of the UKES Midlands Regional Network.

    M E L Research is a Birmingham-based independent social research organisation – standing for ‘measurement, evaluation, learning’ – and has been providing evidence-based social policy evaluation, research and consultancy services for 25 years. Jayne has some 20 years experience in social policy research and has worked extensively in the Midlands in the public and third sectors.

    Jayne commented: “We are totally committed to sharing knowledge and learning, and have considerable in-house expertise in organising events including, conferences, seminars and workshops. We hope to meet with as many Midland Network members as possible during 2010 and, in particular, welcome discussions with network colleagues regarding regional planning and activities.”

    Jayne’s contact details are as follows:

    Telephone  0121 604 4664




  • UKES North West Evaluation Network
  • NWEN began in late 2001 as the Greater Manchester Evaluation Partnership Group, with initial funding from Manchester, Salford & Trafford Health Action Zone’s evaluation work. In April 2003, the group decided to become a regionwide network, and to become associated with the UK Evaluation Society (UKES). A number of UKES-linked regional networks have been getting going around the UK and this is one of them.

    The network currently has over 125 members across the North West, based in a variety of organisations - health, local government and other public agencies, voluntary sector, universities – as well as freelance. They are involved in evaluation in fields such as health and healthcare, social work, education, regeneration, employment, and youth work.

    Why did it begin?
    • The lack of links between those involved in evaluation in the region: this reduced opportunities for local support and development and also made it harder for those who wanted evaluators to find them.
    • The need expressed by many, from both the statutory and voluntary sectors, for support in doing and using evaluation.

    What is its aim?
    To bring together people involved in or interested in evaluation, with a particular value on collaboration, reflexivity, diversity, participation and appropriate (mixed) methods.

    When we started, we said we wanted to:

    • enable useful linkages – among ourselves and with others
    • increase evaluation capability in the area we cover
    • advocate for good evaluation practice to funders and commissioners.

    How can I join?
    NWEN is set up under the auspices of the UK Evaluation Society.  Whereas joining UKES is not obligatory it will allow you access to the full benefits of being part of a professional body, including discounts for paid events, a regular e-newsletter and The Evaluator magazine.

    Anyone who attends an NWEN event is put on the email list (it’s easy to unsubscribe from it).

    You can also join and find out further information at or by contacting the current e-coordinator and convenor.

    Dr. Kath Edgar

    You’ll be sent information about events, evaluations needed and other items of interest, you’ll be able to contact others in the network, and you’ll be part of an exciting new development in evaluation in the North West and around the UK!

  • Forthcoming seminar:

    Getting beyond the numbers: Critical theory and the "Science of Evaluation"

    Details will be available shortly.



  • About the London Network
  • The London Evaluation Network of UKES covers the London Region, although its activities are open to all members and non-members of UKES interested in evaluation.

    Its aims are to:

    1. add to the understanding of evaluation in the UK and London Region
    2. advance the aims of the UKES and increase its membership
    3. contribute to the professional development of advanced practitioners and develop a new cadre of evaluators
    4. provide a platform for debate and discussion on critical issues in evaluation theory and practice

    If you would like more information on the network, please contact Ulrike Hotopp



  • UKES Yorkshire and Humber Evaluation Network
  • The Yorkshire and Humber Network covers the whole of the region and is focused on serving the evaluation needs of the region.  Activities are open to all members and non-members of UKES including those from outside the region and form part of a national programme for networking and training opportunities for members.

     We exist to:

    • Support those in the region working in evaluation or with evaluation evidence;
    • Add to the knowledge and understanding of evaluation in Yorkshire and Humber;
    • Contribute to knowledge and innovation in evaluation theory, methods and practice;
    • Advance the aims of UKES and increase its membership;
    • Bring together evaluators, evaluation commissioners and users of evaluation in the region.

    We aim to hold at least four network events each year in the region and to offer occasional evaluation training workshops.

    Mike Chadwick, or
    Jessica Baxendale,
    Sarah Thompson,

South West Evaluator Forum

  • The South West Evaluator Forum is a network of people working in Evaluation throughout the region. Representatives from Health and Social Care, the NHS, the Universities, the Voluntary and Community sector and local Consultancies meet quarterly to discuss methodologies, challenges and successes. Recent topics of discussion have included Patient and Public Involvement, Ethics and Training opportunities, with networking and idea-exchange prioritised in the meetings. We also have an online presence through a Google discussion group that is open to all members of the network, regardless of whether they can attend meetings in person or not.

    Our stated aims are:

    • To support those in the region working in evaluation or with evaluation evidence
    • To add to the knowledge and understanding of evaluation in the region
    • To contribute to knowledge and innovation in evaluation theory, methods and practice
    • To bring together evaluators, evaluation commissioners and users of evaluation in the region to access and share information, learning and opportunities.
    • To increase evaluation capability in the areas we cover
    • To bring together people in the region interested in evaluation.

    For more information, please contact or 0117 900 2268

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