5 December 2019

Webinar 16:00 - 17:00 GMT

Demi-Regs and the Characteristics of Realist Evaluation

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Webinar Overview

A demi-regularity, also known as a demi-reg, is a semi-predictable outcome pattern. The demi-reg concept has relevance to fundamental principles in realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997) including the context-mechanism-outcome (CMO) configuration and middle-range theorizing. In this webinar, the demi-reg concept will be examined using source material and illustrated using examples. Although the use of the concept is not a pre-requisite for conducting a realist evaluation, it has significant value for understanding and engaging with the analytical characteristics of a realist methodological process.

Session Objectives

To understand the origins and definition of the demi-regularity concept;

To understand how the concept of demi-regularity relates to realist evaluation;

To illustrate the use of demi-regularity in realist analysis.

Presenter Biography – Justin Jagosh, Director for the Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation and Synthesis (CARES)

Justin Jagosh is the Director for the Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation and Synthesis (CARES). He is a full-time consultant, trainer, and mentor for realist methodology and has published extensively in the field. He is a co-investigator and collaborator on numerous projects using realist methodology and hosts regular introductory and advanced training workshops in the UK and elsewhere. More information about CARES training workshops can be found at www.realistmethodology-cares.org.

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