27 January 2021

Join us via Zoom 13:00 - 14:00 GMT

‘Ethics as Everyday Evaluation Practice’

Dr Leslie Groves Williams


Inaugural webinar to launch North of England Evaluation Network of UK Evaluation Society

Ethical dilemmas are inherent to evaluation. During evaluations, particularly when in the field, evaluators may need to make complex judgements in unique and dynamic circumstances. There is often an unspoken assumption that evaluators and commissioners share common ethics and will therefore resolve an ethical dilemma in a particular way. Yet ethics are culturally specific. Different individuals, communities and organizations have their own definitions of what is culturally ‘right’ behaviour. The ‘right’ or ‘ethical’ course of action is therefore subject to differing interpretations and judgements. In this webinar, we will unpack what we mean by “ethics” and the different principles that can constitute our own personal or organisational code of ethics. We will explore some key considerations for integrating ethics into our day to day practice and across the intervention cycle.

Dr Leslie Groves Williams is a leading authority on the practice of ethics and evaluation.  She has been involved in developing guidelines and materials for a number of development agencies.  Dr Groves Williams will discuss the interface between ethical considerations and undertaking impartial evaluations. She will draw on her extensive experience and share examples of how she incorporates ethics into her everyday evaluation practice. The webinar is for anyone involved with evaluation.

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