13 June 2019

17:00-18:30 Robertson Trust, Glasgow, UK

Evaluation Network Scotland Quarterly Forum

From analysis to results that inform decisions: How do we make our reports count?

Social researchers and evaluators share an interest in making our reports count, but how do we get from the analysis we do, to results that actually inform decisions? How do we engage decision makers, help non-specialists understand complex results, or convince people that “just need a number” to take qualitative insight seriously?

This is a joint event between the Scottish branch of the Social Research Association (SRA) and Evaluation Network Scotland (ENS). The idea came from people who are members of both, celebrating SRA’s 40th birthday by exploring synergies with others. Our forum will start with the opportunity to network and discuss ideas with your peers on how to improve uptake of evaluation and research findings (under Chatham House rules). This will be followed by a series of five-minute presentations and discussions by speakers representing a range of evaluation and research sectors, topics covered will include:

  • Reporting: What makes a report readable and accessible? What makes it influential? What works as well/instead of a report?
  • Communications: How do we work with comms/marketing/PR teams? What do they want from us, and what do we want from them? Does it work?
  • Internal politics: How do we get people to act on findings, rather than go “yes, that’s interesting” and carry on as before?
  • Starting at the end: To what extent does the report/audience shape our analysis?

All are welcome – UK Evaluation Society member or not. The event is free. If you plan to attend, please let Matthew McConnachie know by Thursday 6th June: matthew-mcconnachie@ltsi.co.uk

A Zoom meeting has been set up so that you can link in virtually, if you wish. Joining details will be sent on request.

About Evaluation Network Scotland

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Evaluation Network Scotland is a network of the UK Evaluation Society coordinated by a small group of volunteers. We aim to provide opportunities for discussion, learning and networking with colleagues working in evaluation across Scotland.

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