20 September 2021

Join us via Zoom 13:00 - 13:30 BST

Tool Share – Hierarchical Card Sorting (HCS)




In each Tool Share, a Member introduces an innovative tool (or tools!) they’ve used or developed, what it does, how it works ad how it’s been used in practice.

Up next is Dr Rick Davies sharing Hierarchical Card Sorting (HCS).

HCS is a type of card sorting method.. Sorting methods are used in many contexts, from anthropology field work, to website design They are used to elicit people’s mental models: the categories they use, what belongs to these categories, and how the categories relate to each other. They can also be use for planning and evaluation purposes, generating data and theories that can be tested by other means, including QCA amd supervised machine learning.

Read more here: https://mande.co.uk/special-issues/hierarchical-card-sorting-hcs/

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