13 July 2021

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Online Journal Club welcomes Scott Chaplowe and Adam Hejnowicz

Meet authors Scott Chaplowe and Adam Hejnowicz at the next edition of our Online Journal Club.  In their paper, Evaluating Outside the Box: Evaluation’s Transformational Potential, Scott and Adam explore the potential of evaluation to support transformational learning and change.


Scott Chaplowe an Evaluation, Strategy and Capacity Development specialist with many years of experience across the globe.

Adam Hejnowicz, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Newcastle University, UK.  He is an interdisciplinary social-ecological scientist.


Taking part in a Journal Club is very similar to taking part in a Book Club; Members read the journal article in advance and come ready to discuss. The difference is that The Society invites the author to come and discuss their Paper. The author provides a 15 minute talk in which they set out their reasons for writing their Paper, provide a brief overview of their methodological approach/findings and highlight some issues in the article to start the discussion with the group. It may even be that the author has evolved their thinking further since writing the Paper, and might want to solicit views from the group.

Journal Club provides an opportunity for group members to discuss the applicability and adaptability of a proposed methodology or issues highlighted, to their area of research and evaluation. Meetings last an hour with the Chair reserving the last few minutes as an opportunity for the author to provide tips and guidance on writing journal articles based on their own experiences.

The call for transformation is a response to the dire global emergency; it is a call for radical innovation at multiple levels if humanity is to survive into the next Century. How can evaluation, a profession in the business of assessment and advising, inform and hasten transformation? As a field that straddles both theory and practice, evaluation is uniquely positioned to support transformational learning and change, but this potential depends on its ability to transform from within. This article identifies four interrelated “boxes” that confine evaluation’s transformational potential: a project fixation, a short-term temporal fixation, a quantitative fixation, and an accountability fixation. It also examines the uptake and influence of complex systems analysis in the field of evaluation as a means to “breakout” of these boxes and nudge evaluation towards the inner transformation required for it to contribute to transformational change

Scott Chaplowe and Adam Hejnowicz (2021) Evaluating Outside the Box: Evaluation’s Transformational Potential Social Innovation Journal, Volume 5: 04 March 2021 https://socialinnovationsjournal.com/index.php/sij/article/view/704/510

Come and join the discussion on the ‘inner transformation’ evaluation requires to truly support global transformation with Scott, Adam and fellow UK Evaluation Society Members.


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