13 - 14 February 2020

Maastricht (NL)

Learn how to Master Theory-Based Impact Evaluation

The Seminar will be held in Maastricht (NL) on 13-14 February 2020, further details including who will most benefit, and the Programme can be found on the website

In this seminar you will learn about theory-based impact evaluation, drawing on the latest advances made in terms of methodologies for impact evaluation from impact evaluation expert Benedict Wauters.

We will show you how theory-based evaluation can match the rigour associated iwth counter-factual impact evaluation and when it might be a better approach to determining how interventions can be more effective.

We will cover in particular Process Tracing, Congruence Analysis, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Pawson and Tilley’s Realist Evaluation and Mayne’s Contribution Analysis.

For more information please contact Ms Belinda Vetter, Programme Organiser, EIPA (tel +31 43 3296382 or email : b.vetter@eipa.eu