2 - 4 March 2020

Room Mate, IJDok 6, 1013 MM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Master Class on the Theory of Change

European Evaluation Society

This Master Class is intended for professionals engaged in the designing, management, implementation and evaluation of development programmes. While some knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is useful, it is not a requirement for this Master Class. Persons can also have no prior knowledge or experience with TOCs

Facilitators: Heléne Clark, Rick Davis, Sara Vaca, Steve Powell and Simon Penhall

Objectives of the sessions

By the end of the Master Class participants will:

  • Have a concrete understanding of the purpose and different uses of the TOC
  • Understand the essential steps of designing a TOC
  • Be able to understand the fit of the TOC within M&E and other organisational processes
  • Understand different applications and lessons learnt in applying the TOC
  • Develop/Revise a TOC process for your programme
  • Understand the use of TOC for other purposes than just M&E
  • Be able to sensitise others on TOC

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