6 May 2021

Join us via Zoom 12:30 - 13:30 GMT

The Power of Evaluation


At the Evaluators’ WeBiBar


Thursday May 6th 2021

12:30 – 13:30 GMT

‘The Power of Evaluation’

We spend a lot of time evaluating, but do our evaluations change anything?  Could we make our evaluative work more powerful?  For those involved in the process – either individuals or organisations?  Could we make evaluation more likely to impact policy decisions?  Are there tools we can use to heighten the impact of evaluation which perhaps we underutilise?

At the Main Bar  you will find ‘First Pitchers’ …

Dr Marit Boot
Director, Powellite Research, Evaluation and Film Production

Dr Brendan Whitty
Lecturer, Development Practice, University of East Anglia

Dr Colin Jacobs
Independent Consultant

Bar Host : Bridget Dillon, Vice-President, UK Evaluation Society


The WeBiBar is the place to meet fellow Members and exchange experience/’tips’ in an informal setting

The conversation starts at the Main Bar with the ‘First Pitchers’ (approx 10 mins) and continues thereafter in smaller groups in different areas of the Bar
You can move around the Bar, contribute to different conversations

What you have learned maybe a ‘tip’ for another !

We provide the space …. you bring your experiences ….  and your drinks !

Bar opens 12:20 for those who want to find their way around
Last orders 13:30

Bar remains open for those who wish to linger longer

The Evaluators’ WeBiBar is held under Chatham House Rules, consequently it is not recorded

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