21 May 2020

Join us via Zoom 17:00 - 18:00

Learning from Failure!



‘Happy Hour’ is a lightly moderated, informal space, we are piloting on ZOOM to encourage and facilitate UK Evaluation Society members’ exchange of experience, to learn from each other.  Each ‘Happy Hour’ has a topic, with a few people ready to share their experience.

We are delighted that downing the liquids at the WeBiBar, to kick-off this session you will find:

Dione Hills, Principal Researcher Consultant, Tavistock Institute, London

Kylie Hutchinson (CE) – Editor of ‘Evaluation Failures’ (2019)

Benoît Gauthier (CE) – Francophone Evaluation Network, Canadian Evaluation Society and contributor to the book

We probably never learn quite so quickly as we do when something goes horribly wrong – which is why it was so refreshing when some very experienced evaluators published the book,  ‘Evaluation Failures,’ last year, listing 22 examples of evaluations that went wrong – and what the individuals learned from this (see link).

This ‘Happy Hour ‘will be an opportunity to share and compare notes on our own past evaluation mistakes – embarrassing or otherwise – and what we took away from the experience.  It can be a great comfort in realising that all evaluators – and many commissioners – encounter very similar challenges, often making similar mistakes – over and over again!  All too often these challenges receive little attention in text books and training courses… let’s learn from each other!

Bring your experiences, your insights, your humour, and of course ….your drinks!

Feel free to drop in/out, move around the Bar as you wish.

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