28 June 2022

Online via Zoom, 10:30 - 11:30 BST

WEBINAR – Evaluation and Value for Money

This approach to assessing Value for Money (VfM) is based on an innovative, exemplary evaluation system called Value for Investment

Join us to find out how to do value for money (VfM) assessments using an innovative, exemplary evaluation system that integrates theory and practice from evaluation and economic disciplines and is supported by rubrics. Value for Investment is a flexible and collaborative approach that can be applied to all domains and programme types and is used globally to evaluate complex and hard-to-measure programmes and policy reforms by government agencies, consulting firms and NGOs.

Speakers : 

Julian King specialises in evaluation and value for money.

Alex Hurrell is Head of Evaluation at Kantar Public UK.

Esther Namukasa is currently working as a VfM officer for the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning portfolio and co-leads the VfM technical community of practice at OPM.


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