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Independent Consultant

Cranbore Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership (CCCV LP)

The Partnership is seeking to engage an independent consultant to provide the monitoring and evaluation for the CCCV LP scheme and the constituent natural,  historic and cultural projects.

The consultant appointed will be required to:
•       Review the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework submitted as part of the second round bid, including all outputs, targets, outcomes and baselines that underpin the framework
•       Provide at least one training workshop and resources to the CCCV LP Manager, LP Team and delivery project leads to ensure correct collation of data, performance indicators, case studies etc.
•       Produce an interim evaluation report (mid-term review) after 24 months and a final evaluation report in the last year of the scheme
•       Provide ongoing liaison, advice and support to project leads and delivery partners on the collection and assessment of output data and outcome evidence
•       Attendance at CCCV LP Board meetings during the scheme to advise and present the work of the contract as appropriate (minimum of 3 meetings)

Please see the full brief here.

More information about the scheme can be found on the landscape partnership website

Contract value: £25k

Closing date: 25 May 2020