London & South East

The London and South East Network brings together people interested in evaluation from across the area

Established in 2004, the network exists to: share and develop good practice; explore and reflect on the latest developments in evaluation theory and practice; and be part of a vibrant and supportive evaluation community.

Who are we?

The London and South East Network is coordinated and run by volunteers who work in the evaluation field as evaluators or commissioners. We support and advance the aims of the UK Evaluation Society by:

  • Fostering the development of evaluation theory and practice in London and the South East;
  • Building a supportive network of individuals and groups involved in evaluation;
  • Organising professional development evaluation events;
  • Providing a platform for debate on critical issues in evaluation theory and practice; and
  • Acting as an evaluation information exchange.

What do we offer?

The planning group of the network meets four times each year to organise its activities. We aim to host a minimum of four events every year with leading national and international evaluators. These events range from full-day evaluation training sessions, to two-hour seminars or panel events, to more informal networking events and exchange of information on a variety of evaluation issues (Evaluation Exchanges). Our aim in all of these events is to provide an interactive environment for practitioners of evaluation to further their skills and understanding of evaluation, learn about new approaches, engage in dialogue and share problematic issues encountered in the field.

Our Evaluation Exchange, which we aim to host at least once a year, is a forum specifically designed for practitioners to come together to discuss practical issues in a safe space and receive peer advice and support. It has proved particularly proved helpful in this respect and overall for the network in building a community of practice.

Our interactive seminars and workshops have focused on a range of topics such as:

  • Commissioning complexity-consistent policy evaluation
  • Systems thinking in evaluation
  • Ethics in evaluation
  • The use of social media in evaluation practice
  • Culturally-responsive evaluation
  • Models of evaluation practice (e.g. participatory evaluation, real world evaluation, realist evaluation, impact evaluation, developmental evaluation)

Our training and professional development workshops have included:

  • Making Sense of Evaluation: Key Principles and Skills
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)
  • Process Tracing

How can I join?

Joining the network is free and open to all, and means you will be included in our distribution list and receive information about all of our events, some of which (and especially for training) come with a charge to reimburse key speakers.

Our events are open to all.

Joining our Network also enables you to shape our work. We regularly seek feedback on our events, which helps us to deliver a relevant and useful programme of activity.

Who can I contact?

To join the Network mailing list and receive details about our events and/or for more information about what we do (and how you can get more involved), contact the network convenor, Giorgia Iacopini: