Professor Helen Simons, Convenor of the Training & Professionalisation Working Group

Guidelines for Good Practice in Evaluation – New Edition

We’re delighted to share our fully revised Guidelines for Good Practice in Evaluation

Our Guidelines for Good Practice in Evaluation have just been fully updated by Professors Helen Simons and Georgie Parry-Crooke. This has been a collaborative and consultative task with members and a small working group to whom we are most grateful. Colleagues gave us a wealth of ideas, though contradictory at times! Trying to incorporate all yet generate a coherent document was quite some task. This has led to an expanded document, though one we hope that is still sharply focused and does justice to all who contributed.

The Guidelines are in four parts, centred on guidance for evaluators, evaluation commissioners, self-evaluation, and evaluation participants.

There is a new set of principles which underpin the guidelines. These principles speak to the intent behind the guidelines to develop a dialogue between the four groups indicated above to advance good practice in evaluation. This is a joint enterprise. There is a role for everyone.

The guidelines purposely have a strong practical focus, and include a selected reference list to other societies’ ethical codes, as well as increased coverage of diversity and equity.

Access our new Guidelines

We now need to turn the guidelines into a ‘living’ document. Please publicise them widely in your networks and events but most of all use them. Our next step is to develop case examples of how different guidelines have enhanced practice or helped resolve dilemmas in the field so do share your experience with us.