What we do

The UK Evaluation Society supports the future of evaluators by promoting and improving the theory, practice, understanding and utilisation of evaluation.

Tim Chadborn, President of the UK Evaluation Society, introduces some of the highlights from the 2019 Annual Conference

Our members’ friendliness, enthusiasm and willingness to help one another in our evaluation practice are key traits of the UK Evaluation Society. Members are collegial and well-connected, reflective of evaluation’s relatively short history compared to other professions. We share many of common issues and opportunities that we work together on.

We support our members in a number of ways. We do this through:

  • organising a two-day annual conference
  • running a programme of focused evaluation training
  • publishing The Evaluator
  • producing evaluation guidelines and frameworks
  • signposting regional networks where members can get together

We see continuous professional development as important, and we continue to develop and test our Voluntary Evaluator Peer-Review supported reflective practice process.

We also represent evaluation in public fora, for example through speaking at the British Academy and as part of the review process for the UK government’s Magenta Book policy evaluation manual.

Evaluation is important globally, and we don’t work in isolation. The Society has strategic partnerships with other organisations which unlocks further networking and learning routes for members, including the European Evaluation Society (EES), the International Organisation for Cooperation on Evaluation (IOCE), and the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).