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What’s in a WeBiBar?




What’s in a WeBiBar ?


The UK Evaluation Society has created a rather different, and informal space for Members – The Evaluators’ WeBiBar.  This is the Society’s online place for Members to share evaluation experience and to pick up tips and insights for individual evaluation practice, and indeed to network with fellow travellers in the field of evaluation.   


Each WeBiBar has an advertised topic for discussion, and two or three invited ‘First Pitchers’ to catalyse the discussion.  Held under Chatham House Rules, the Bar Host organises the WeBiBar in a variety of ways.  Typically, Bargoers (Members) arrive with their own drinks and snacks and, introduce themselves on the CHAT  Bar opens 10 minutes in advance – Bargoers are encouraged to arrive early, to meet others and settle in.

The guest ‘First Pitchers’ start the discussion in the Main Bar, sharing their experience and learning on the topic (approx 10 mins).  They then disperse, assisted by the Bar Host, to different areas of the Bar to engage and encourage wider sharing and discussion amongst smaller groups of Bargoers.

The emphasis of the WeBiBar is on sharing learning and experience.  In discussion, Bargoers introduce themsleves as a preface to their contribution.

Bargoers are free to move around the Bar, partake in different conversations, when/if/as they wish.  ‘First’ and ‘Second orders’ are broadcast at 15 minute intervals to facilitate refills at the Bar/moves to another conversation if wished, and finally, ‘last orders’ when Bargoers who wish to, return to the Main Bar to share a quick ‘take away’ !

The Bar remains open for those who wish to linger longer, to continue discussion or network.


Next WeBiBar is March 18th 1230 – 1330 ‘How does an Evaluation Team Learn’.

All Members are welcome !  Register and come along !

Any Member who wishes to volunteer as a ‘First Pitcher’, please contact with a topic.



The Evaluators’ WeBiBar is open to UK Evaluation Society Members. A convivial setting for exchange on topical matters in evaluation.