George Bramley

Meet the Author – Online Journal Club

Since summer 2020, The Society has successfully piloted a new format to share learning amongst Members by inviting authors to discuss their published Papers in an online session with Members – the, ‘Meet the Author – Online Journal Club’.  This is now to be a regular event.


Taking part in a Journal Club is very similar to taking part in a Book Club: Members read the journal article in advance and come ready to discuss.  The difference is that The Society invites the author to come and discuss their Paper.  The author provides a 15 minute talk in which they set out their reasons for writing their Paper, provide a brief overview of their methodological approach/findings and highlight some issues in the article to start the discussion with the group.  It may even be that the author has evolved their thinking further since writing the paper, and might want to solicit views from the group.

Journal Club provides an opportunity for group members to discuss the applicability and adaptability of a proposed methodology or issues highlighted, to their area of research and evaluation.  Meetings last an hour with the Chair reserving the last few minutes as an opportunity for the author to provide tips and guidance on writing journal articles based on their own experiences.

Going forward, the Society would welcome Members interested in joining the Journal Club organising committee to help select articles of interest,  approach authors and to participate as a rotating Chair for meetings.  Please contact, Attn : George Bramley.