The Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize

Complexity informed thinking in evaluation

Dione Hills was an invaluable contributor to the UK Evaluation Society for many years. She helped shape the Society as a member of UKES and its Council, in particular in the development of the Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review process and ongoing evaluation training. She had a special interest in complexity and evaluative thinking.

In her memory, the Society and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which has been Dione’s professional home for 35 years, are pleased to offer a prize this year for the best short paper on the application of complexity informed thinking in the field of evaluation. The ‘Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize’ is open to current members of the UK Evaluation Society. The winning article will be published in The Evaluator, the UK Evaluation Society Magazine, and the author will receive the prize of £500.00.

The prize was launched at this year’s UK Evaluation Society Conference. 

The winner will be announced in November.  The prize presentation will take place during the UK Evaluation Society week of Windows on Evaluation in late November 2021.

Selection criteria 

  • Creative use of complexity thinking
  • Explanation of approach used 
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Practice learning acquired


Open to current Members of the UK Evaluation Society – find out more about Membership here

Submissions should be no more than 2000 words. 

**Deadline extended!** The deadline is 12.00 Sunday, October 10th 2021 to