Results of Council Elections 2021

We are delighted to announce the results of the UK Evaluation Society Council Elections 2021.

As we shared with members in our October newsletter, we are thrilled to announce that Bridget Dillon will be at the helm of the UK Evaluation Society as President from January 2022 for a period of two years. Bridget has been Vice-President for the last two years and has had a phenomenal impact on the learning events programme we are able to deliver.

Dr Tim Chadborn will continue on Council as Immediate Past President between 2022 and 2023. Dr Peter Welsh will continue as Vice President (membership, communications and digital) and Dr Alison Girdwood will continue as Treasurer.

In the absence of applications for the Vice President (events and professional development) and Secretary roles, the Vice President position (professionalism and events) will be considered vacant, and Andrew Berry will continue as Secretary on an interim basis.

We received nine applications for 2021-22 Council terms and we are delighted to announce that Matthew Baumann, George Bramley, Dr Jackie Chandler, Meera Craston, Dr Matthew Hill, Dr Colin Jacobs, Professor Murray Saunders, Colleen Souness, Giovanna Voltolina were all successful. We are very pleased to welcome back Matthew B, George, Meera, Matthew H, Colin and Murray who continue on from 2020-21 terms, and we extend a warm welcome to Jackie, Colleen and Giovanna.

The Society is very grateful to Rebecca Adler and Sergio Salis who are standing down at the end of 2021, for their contributions to the Society, with special thanks to Rebecca for her convening of the membership working group in recent years.

Finally, we take this opportunity to recognise the enormous contributions that Dr Bev Bishop has made to the Society over the past 12 years, both as Editor of The Evaluator and as an active member of Council. Bev has taken the decision to step down from both roles this year, but we are all still looking forward to staying in touch with Bev as a continuing Society member and through her evaluation role at the Department of Health and Social Care.

Members who are interested in applying for the vacant Vice President or Secretary positions are welcome to contact us for an informal discussion to find out more: 

Full list of Council members from 1st January 2022

Officers / Directors

  • President – Bridget Dillon
  • Vice-President – Peter Welsh
  • Vice President – vacant
  • Past President – Tim Chadborn
  • Treasurer – Alison Girdwood
  • Secretary – Andrew Berry

Council Members

  • Matthew Baumann
  • George Bramley
  • Jackie Chandler
  • Meera Craston
  • Hala Elsayed
  • Matthew Hill
  • Colin Jacobs
  • Tarran Macmillan
  • Jessica Ozan
  • Murray Saunders
  • Colleen Souness
  • Matthew Terry
  • Giovanna Voltolina