Strategic partnerships

The UK Evaluation Society works with strategic partners to increase our reach and extend the benefits available to members

Through a range of strategic partnerships, we have increased our influence and brought additional benefits to members. We partner professional societies, institutions, international and national bodies, and organisations with complementary aims to increase opportunities for members.

Societies and International Groups

The UK Evaluation Society currently holds membership of the following groups:

  • European Evaluation Society (EES): The EES mandate is to stimulate, guide and promote the theory, practice and utilisation of evaluation in Europe and beyond.
  • Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS): The Academy exists to be the voice of the social sciences in the UK for the public benefit.
  • International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE): The IOCE mission is to increase public awareness and globally validate evaluation, and support voluntary organisations for professional evaluation (VOPEs) in contributing to good governance, effective decision making and strengthening the role of civil society.
  • EvalPartners: An interactive web platform to share knowledge on country-led M&E systems worldwide.
  • Network of Evaluation Societies in Europe (NESE)National societies co-operating towards developing mutual knowledge, learning from one another’s good practices, and promoting the evaluation profession in European countries.

UK Institutions

The UK Evaluation Society is represented by Council members who are engaged with key evaluation working groups and institutional boards. This includes:

  • Cross Governmental Evaluation Group (CGEG): The UK Evaluation Society maintains good links with UK government departments and governments of the devolved nations (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland),  and has contributed to the evolution of the Magenta Book which provides guidance on evaluation for government officials and is also used by evaluators in the commercial and charitable sectors.

We are working on adding to our strategic partnerships. Please watch this space.