2 September 2022

Online via Zoom 10:00 BST


EvalNatter is coming to UKES members as a brand-new event!

EvalNatter is intended to be an informal gathering to support networking.  Each EvalNatter instance will have a rough theme that serves as a conversation starter. It will be hosted by a member of council, and those wishing to have an informal chat with fellow evaluators can join us with no pressure to stay – please feel free to pop out as you wish.

This month’s theme is: “The evaluator as facilitator” – join us and have a natter. No need to stay on topic, but feel free to use this theme or blog as a catalyst!

When is it? It is a monthly event, lasting only 45 minutes on the first Friday of the month, at 10:00 hours BST.

How do I join? You can register for September’s below (Friday 2nd September)  You will be provided the link to drop in and have a natter with us.