6 October 2023

Online, 10:00 - 10:45 BST

Members Only

EvalNatter – October : “Anonymising & Archiving Evaluation Data”

Join us and have a Natter about “Anonymising & Archiving Evaluation Data” and get people on board.

EvalNatter is an informal gathering to support networking.

Each EvalNatter has a rough theme that serves as a conversation starter and is hosted by fellow UKES member, Colleen Souness. Those members wishing to have an informal chat with fellow evaluators can join us for as long as you have available – feel free to pop out as you wish.

This month’s theme is: “Anonymising & Archiving Evaluation Data” – join us and have a natter. No need to stay on topic, but feel free to use this theme as a catalyst.

When? It is a monthly event, lasting 45 minutes on the first Friday of the month, at 10:00 hours GMT.

How do I join? You can register for October below (Friday 6th October ) You will be provided the link to drop in and have a natter with us.