13 - 14 September 2022

Online via Zoom 09:00 to 12:00 each day

Evaluation and Value for Money – FULLY BOOKED –

This approach to assessing Value for Money (VfM) is based on an innovative, exemplary evaluation system called Value for Investment, that integrates theory and practice from evaluation and economic disciplines to inform judgements and decision making.

It is a flexible and collaborative approach that can be applied to all domains and program types and is used globally to evaluate complex and hard-to-measure programs and policy reforms by government agencies, consulting firms and NGOs.

This workshop provides practical guidance, underpinned by a sound theoretical framework, for evaluating VfM. It focuses on unpacking a process of explicit evaluative reasoning (using rubrics) and the use of mixed methods (qualitative, quantitative, and economic).

Who is this for? 

Evaluation commissioners, researchers, evaluators, and monitoring, evaluation and learning specialists.

The training is designed for all levels from novice to expert.  The training is suitable for those who want to learn about rubrics generally, as well as those who want to learn how to apply rubrics to value for money specifically.

Course Dates:

This is a two, half a day, online course taking place on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th September from 9am to 12pm.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Frame an evaluative question about VfM
  • Develop rubrics, comprising criteria (aspects of performance) and standards (levels of performance), to provide a transparent basis for making sound judgements about VfM
  • Combine multiple sources of evidence to support nuanced evaluative judgements
  • Incorporate economic evaluation within a VfM framework, where feasible and appropriate
  • Interpret the evidence, using criteria and standards, to make sound evaluative judgements
  • Present a clear and robust performance story, guided by the criteria and standards.


Non-Members             £300 + VAT
Members                      £250 + VAT
Student Members       £200 + VAT

About the trainers:

Julian King specialises in evaluation and value for money. Julian’s PhD research developed the Value for Investment system that will be shared in this workshop (www.julianking.co.nz/vfi/). Julian received the 2021 Australian Evaluation Society Evaluation Systems Award, recognising the widespread adoption and use of the approach. Julian has delivered workshops on this approach for evaluation societies and private sector organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, and to UKES (with Alex Hurrell, in 2018).

Alex Hurrell is Head of Evaluation at Kantar Public UK. He has over 15 years’ experience in designing and leading large-scale and complex evaluations, with specific specialist expertise in theory-based evaluation, quantitative impact evaluation and VFM assessment. He was previously the Director of OPM’s Social Policy and Statistics & Evidence Programmes, and prior to that led OPM’s Monitoring and Evaluation team.

Esther Namukasa is currently working as a VfM officer for the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning portfolio and co-leads the VfM technical community of practice at OPM. She has delivered several VfM projects related to climate change, nutrition, economic trade, and financial inclusion in OPM. Examples of her work include the Africa Risk Capacity (ARC, 2022), Provision of essential humanitarian supplies (SWAN, 2021), UK PACT programme (BEIS) in 2020, and Piloting and systemising a new Value for Money approach, Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA), 2018.

Daniel Wate specialises in the management of large and complex international programmes. He has eight years of experience developing VfM frameworks and conducting VfM assessments for programmes and organisations and is currently Co-lead of the Oxford Policy Management’s VfM Technical Community of Practice. He is particularly interested in how VfM approaches can generate and apply learning to improve the performance of project and programme delivery.


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