4 - 8 July 2022

Online via Zoom

Evaluator’s Coffee Roulette

The Evaluator’s Coffee Roulette is coming to UKES members as a brand-new event!

What is this? The Coffee Roulette is another opportunity for an informal gathering to support networking. UKES provides many formalised learning opportunities, but we noticed a lack of ‘softer’ connective options. The Coffee Roulette operates on a sign-up basis. Each person who signs-up will be randomly paired with another person who signed up. You will be introduced to one another by us, and then we will leave it to you both to schedule a digital coffee!

When is it? It will be monthly! We will issue a call for signups with a clear opening and closing date. Once the closing date arrives, we will randomly pair people and introduce you within 4 days.

How do I join? You can register for July’s here! The registration opens on Wednesday 1st June and closes at 5pm on Thursday 30th June.