13 - 14 March 2024

Online (Zoom), 0930 - 1300 GMT (both days)

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Getting Started: Essentials in Evaluation

This workshop is part of the UK Evaluation Society’s ‘Learning the Art of Evaluation’ series.

Course Summary

This 2 half-day, online-only workshop covers the skills essential for effective evaluation practice, which are seldom covered by traditional evaluation training.

The focus of this workshop is not on the technical methods of evaluation, rather on the art of evaluation, such as how to undertake robust evaluation in the ‘messy’ real world, how to engage stakeholders, and how to manage evaluation processes.

This practical and engaging workshop will help you get started in evaluation. It will help you plan an effective, and yet manageable evaluation appropriate to your context and resources.


This workshop is for anyone new to the field of evaluation, such as those who:

  • Have just taken up an evaluation role,
  • Commission or manage others who undertake evaluation, or
  • Are a manager who wants to evaluate a new project or programme.


Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this workshop, you will :

  • Understand and articulate what evaluation is and what it is not,
  • Recognise the range of roles an evaluator can play 
  • Clarify the purpose and uses of an evaluation,
  • Have practical tools and skills to manage the common constraints on evaluation processes and to design accordingly, and
  • Understand the key distinctions between a range of different approaches to evaluation, and their relevance in different contexts and circumstances.



Georgie Parry-Crooke

In addition to designing, conducting and managing social research and evaluation for many years, Georgie developed and delivered post-graduate evaluation courses including a Masters programme at London Metropolitan University. Georgie has also designed and delivered courses for government departments including a five-day course for DFID and NGOs; voluntary sector organisations; for the UK Evaluation Society and a week-long course for UNICEF in South Asia. She joined the Tavistock Institute in 2016 where she continued to facilitate training and workshops on evaluation, theory of change and the Dynamics of Evaluation. In 2019, she led the Tavistock Institute’s team delivering evaluation capacity building for the British Council with Ipsos UK and more recently, Department of Transport and Department for International Trade evaluation seminar series. 

Sally Cupitt 

Sally previously ran evaluation and impact consultancy teams at NCVO and Charities Evaluation Services (CES). She has carried out a wide range of external evaluations and helped hundreds of organisations self-evaluate, through training or consultancy support. She has helped organisations develop theories of change, and used these as the framework for evaluation plans and processes. Sally developed CES’ outcomes-focused training and co-designed and co-delivered the pioneering, award-winning National Outcomes Programme, cascading outcomes training through England. She has trained hundreds of organisations in a range of evaluation skills, including theory of change and evaluation planning. Sally has made a significant contribution to the practice of evaluation in the UK voluntary sector, writing some of the first widely-used publications in the field, and working on cross-sectoral initiatives to improve evaluation skills. 

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