16 March 2023

Join us via Zoom 13:00 - 14:00 GMT

Toolshare session on ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence resource for evaluators
(general purpose and user friendly)

With Rick Davies and Steve Powell



This Toolshare welcomes both beginners and existing ChatGPT users

This one hour session will include two short presentations by Rick Davies and Steve Powell. Rick will talk about identification of sentiments, themes,  and actor network structures within texts, Steve will talk about extracting causal information from texts. This will be followed by opportunities for participants to interact with ChatGPT, with guidance by Steve and Rick.  In doing so, participants will learn how they can get the most value from their future uses of ChatGPT. 

Rick’s recent introductory posting on ChatGPT can be found here: https://mande.co.uk/2023/lists/software-lists/using-chatgpt-as-a-tool-for-the-

Tools like ChatGPT are not neutral, and can trigger a lot of questions about ethics, power, and longer-term consequences. This Tool Share is more about simply sharing information about the tool itself, how to use it, and when not to use it, while acknowledging the importance of these broader questions.


Rick Davies is an evaluation consultant with experience in the development and testing of new evaluation methods and tools, including different forms of machine learning (prediction modeling and text analytics)  as well as participatory methods using both quant and qual data
Steve Powell is an evaluator with a special interest in qualitative causal information and is also co-founder of Causal Map


If you have an evaluation tool you’d like to share? Contact hello@evaluation.org.uk to find out more!