8 December 2022

Join us via Zoom 1600 - 1700 GMT

Yuletide WeBiBar Evaluation Tales

 Bring your tales of evaluation, humorous, hilarious, times when it did not work the way you expected for good or bad!

Chatham House Rule prevails


See you there !

Bar opens 1550 and closes 1730 for those who wish to linga longa !

(For those not familiar with the WeBiBar – it is an informal space (on Zoom) to meet and network, and exchange experience and views.
The barhost opens the bar. Conversation starts in the main bar and then bargoers may disperse to discuss in other areas of the bar.
Bargoers can move about the bar as they wish. The Yuletide WeBiBar is the last event of the year. It is open both to members and non-members)

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