Join us FAQs

Frequently asked questions about joining the UK Evaluation Society

What is a member portal?

A member portal is a platform which lets you (as a member or prospective member of the UK Evaluation Society) set up and log into a personalised account which shows your membership status, contact details and lets you renew and manage various aspects of your membership.

Why has the Society set up a member portal?

The member portal has been introduced for several reasons including better user experience for people to manage their membership and improved data protection. By saving member data in one space, members can better manage their renewal payments, event registrations, email and communication preferences.

Do I have to register on the member portal?

All members of the UK Evaluation Society are registered on the portal and associated membership platform. It is now the main way the Society manages personal data. Members can however choose whether to activate and use their portal account or not – it is an optional facility available to all members.

Do I have to pay for my membership through the member portal?

No, you do not have to. There are two registration and payment options available – find out more here. The member portal lets you pay for your membership via debit or credit card, but it is simpler to use the pdf registration form if you are need to receive an invoice with a PO number and pay via BACS.

Is annual membership still based on calendar years?

No, your membership subscription begins on the day of payment and will last for 12-months from that date. You will be notified via automated email when you are approaching your renewal date.

What is JustGo?

JustGo is a web platform provided by Azolve Ltd.  It is a third-party platform which the UK Evaluation Society has contracted with. JustGo acts as a ‘data processor’ on behalf of the UK Evaluation Society, as per the terms and conditions available for you to view when you register and in the Documents section of your portal account. JustGo is internationally recognised and used by many different organisations.

Why are there references to clubs and teams on Go Membership?

The JustGo platform was originally set up for sports clubs and associations. We have been working closely with JustGo to make the site appropriate for the UK Evaluation Society. Any references to clubs and teams should have no effect on your membership or use of the portal.

Why do you ask for age and gender information?

We have removed questions about age and gender from the sign-up page for new members, but the platform may still ask for these details when you come to purchase membership. This reflects JustGo’s history of supporting sports clubs and we are trying to remove these questions from the process. There is no requirement for you to provide accurate answers to these questions (e.g. you could use a birth date of 1/1/1900).

How do you protect my personal data?

The data in your personal account is visible only to you and to the UK Evaluation Society administrators. It is password protected. It is not visible to any other members of the Society. It will not be shared outside of the JustGo platform. See our UK Evaluation Society privacy notice for more information.

Is the member platform the same as a member register?

No, the data you provide through the member portal is only for managing your membership and personal details. The data is not available as a searchable register for others to see. The Society is still exploring creating a searchable register of members but this would be opt-in only and handled separately to the member portal.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t addressed above, please email