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We have three categories of membership – Individual, Student and Group

Individual membership

Annual fee £84.00 (£70.00 + VAT)

Student membership

Annual fee £42.00 (£35.00 + VAT)
For full-time students only with at least 6 months status remaining;              (proof required)

Group membership

Open to organisations, institutions, departments … where all members belong to a single organisation which shares the same e-mail domain.

The first five members are charged at the prevailing Individual rate (currently £84 per person i.e. £70 + VAT)
10% discount applies to the 6th and subsequent members, provided :

  • name and e-mail supplied of a single, administrative contact point               from the group/organisation
  • all proposed members names and e-mails supplied
  • application is made in one go with single payment

Management of Group Membership

The following adjustments can be made within the membership period :

  • the administrative contact point of the organisation may request changes to the named people on their list.  Once changed, any re-instated person is paid at full cost (currently £84 per person).
  • additional named persons can be added and paid for at any time within the organisation’s group membership period. These additional named persons will be renewed at the same time as the organisation’s main group renewal.

All Memberships are entitled to the same discounts :

  • Discount on UK Evaluation Society Conference Fees
  • Discount on training course fees, where applicable
  • Discount on SAGE Evaluation Journal

All Membership fees are non-refundable.

Application for Individual/Student membership here

Application for Group membership here

Membership Benefits 
As a member of the UK Evaluation Society you will be joining an organisation which is in part professional association, part learned society and part community of practice.
Some people specialise in evaluation and evaluative practice from early in their careers, however many come to it later.  People working in the field of evaluation are from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.  As a member of The Society you will gain from interacting with a wide range of professional people, and will be able to share your experiences and expertise and help evaluation and its practice, progress and evolve.
Benefits include :
Networking opportunities
The UK Evaluation Society has a large body of members who reflect and contribute to the diversity of evaluation topics and methods practised across the UK. and internationally.  Building your own network with other evaluators and those working in the field of evaluation and evidence, and wider contacts, will enable you to find support when you need it.  The Society hosts different types of events and opportunities over the year which are great for networking.
The UK Evaluation Society offers a growing range of training courses.  These will enable you to keep up your professional development as well as finding evaluators, and fellow travellers with whom to discuss similar questions and issues
Support with professional development
Through our capability framework, guidelines and Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review initiative

Free access to 

  • Many UK Society regular events eg Webinars on topical evaluation issues;
  • Member Only designated events, for example, Evaluator’s’ WeBiBar,                EvalNatter, Cafe Roulette, Toolshare, Meet the Author…
  • The in-house magazine, ‘The Evaluator’
  • Posting jobs and tenders on our webpage
  • The Society News Updates

Discounts on fees for 

  • Our popular Annual Conference
  • Designated training courses
  • SAGE publication: Evaluation – The International Journal of Theory,                  Research and Practice