Membership for individuals

Whether you are an experienced evaluator or a relative beginner, the UK Evaluation Society offers numerous opportunities for individuals to develop professionally and become part of a wider community of practice

The Society offers individuals the following benefits.

Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review (VEPR)

This recently launched initiative allows participant members to reflect on and discuss evaluation issues you have come across with two experienced evaluators and explore professional development opportunities.


The UK Evaluation Society has a large body of members who reflect the diversity of evaluation topics and methods across the UK with links to international societies. Building your network with other evaluators will enable you to find the support you need when you need it.

Evaluation networks

There are many Evaluation networks across the UK which provide opportunities for professional development and networking close to where you live and work.  These are run independently from the Society; many Society members join them.


The UK Evaluation Society offers courses from basic introductions to evaluation to more complex topics. These will enable you to keep up your professional development, as well as finding evaluators with whom to discuss similar questions and issues.

Links and strategic partnerships

The UK Evaluation Society is closely linked to a number of other societies and organisations which offer workshops, seminars and further opportunities to link up and develop your knowledge.